Think different-ly (തിങ്ക് ഡിഫറന്‍റ്- ലി)

Great people talk about ideas; Average people talk about things; Small people talk about other people.

Waste Water Tech to Produce 100 Times Electricity

Oregon State University has created a highly efficient microbial fuel cell. A microbial fuel cell is one that converts chemical energy into electrical energy. This technology is based on oxidation of organic matter by bacteria. Electrons generated during the process move from fuel cell’s anode to it’s cathode, producing electric current. Organic matter used in the process can include any waste material such as wastewater, animal waste and byproducts from other industries. It produces energy far more than that required by wasterwater plants. This process not only produces sufficient electricity but also cleans the wasterwater simultaneously the technique is capable of producing 10 - 50 even 100 times more electricity per volume, as compared to present microbial fuel cell systems.[link]

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