Think different-ly (തിങ്ക് ഡിഫറന്‍റ്- ലി)

Great people talk about ideas; Average people talk about things; Small people talk about other people.


Think before drinking tea while travelling by Indian Railway 

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited (IRCTC) has firmed up plans to set up over 50 multi-cuisine food plazas at major railway stations throughout the country during the current year. The Food plazas will have contemporary decor , air conditioned ambiance and round the clock operation to suit passenger convenience with market driven competitive pricing. Indian Railways span global volumes in hospitality and catering sectors with services provided to 13 million passengers everyday.
Check the following images how the tea in a train is made......... [link]

Caters use toilet water for making tea 

Bath heater is used for making tea. 

Your tea is made in a special zone near toilet.

In the parties of reception in marriages we believe the water we drink is safe....?

Because we see big mineral water containers are arranged.
But reality is different, most of the caterers fools us by supplying tap water in those containers.

Final Destination of Every Human ...
No Matter What we are today ,
we all will turn into dust
and become a part of it ....[link]

Coke Recipe [read more]

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