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Eleven-year-old Indian girl rated with highest IQ in the world [link] [link][link] 

On the face of it, she is no different from other children her age – she loves riding her bicycle, watching cartoons and playing her favourite games. But K. Vishalini of Palayamkottai, Tirunelveli isn’t your average 11-year-old.
Blessed with exceptional IQ, the Standard 8 student is an IT whiz kid who can come up with solutions to the trickiest of technical problems. Yes, she spends three hours a day learning about computers. But that is no big deal.

Vishalini has just returned home from an international seminar held at the National Institute of Technology Karnataka (NITK), Mangalore, where she was a special guest. Such invitations are pretty routine for her these days.
Her syllabus has been wrapped up well in advance. So this child prodigy has the time to visit engineering colleges to deliver lectures to B.E. and B.Tech students on the intricacies of computer science.
At seminars, many an IT expert has been foxed by this chit of a girl who has answers to complex questions.
Her amazing achievements include cracking the Microsoft Certified Professional and Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) courses with ease.
Vishalini’s IQ is around 225. It is higher than that of the Guinness record holder, Kim Ung-Yong, whose IQ is around 210.
“She did not find a place in the Guinness Book because the minimum age requirement is 14 years,” says her electrician-father, Kumarasamy.
Vishalini’s mother, Ragamaliga, and the girl herself had to struggle to tide over a speech impairment that the latter suffered from as a small child. Today, Vishalini is a wonder girl that her parents can be immensely proud of.

An anchor with All India Radio at Tirunelveli, Ragamaliga says: "Vishalini’s speech impairment caused us great consternation.”

The irony was that the mother spoke incessantly on radio while the daughter had difficulty in articulating herself. “People would point that out to me all the time,” says Ragamaliga.

A local doctor came to her aid. “Dr Rajesh advised me to talk continuously to Vishalini in order to help her improve her speech ability,” says Ragamaliga.

She was preparing for her Group-1 exams at that point. So she began reciting questions and answers of the syllabus in front of her. “Moreover, I used to recite religious verses as well,” she adds.
“All this might have looked a little pointless but I persisted. Suddenly one fine morning, after nine months, Vishalini started speaking."
The girl’s parents heard of a boy who had secured admission in an engineering college after his Standard 8 exams.
"We approached Kalasalingam Engineering College. They asked us to bring a certificate from CCNA. Vishalini took the exam and got 90 per cent marks. It was a world record. She was only 10 years old. Earlier the youngest student to pass this exam was a 12-year-old boy from Pakistan, Irtaza Haider,” says Kumarasamy.
Both NITK of Mangalore and Kalasalingam Engineering College are now more than ready to welcome Vishalini. But her parents want the girl to enjoy her childhood for the next three years before thinking of entering a college campus.
Their only disappointment now is that the state and central governments have failed to recognise and appreciate Vishalini's extraordinary achievements.
By special arrangement with The Sunday Indian

Vishalini is a 10 years old girl from a small district called Palayankottai, Tamilnadu, who has been awarded as the girl with highest IQ level in the world. She has been tested for IQ level and found that her IQ level is 225 at the age of 10 years. IQ refers to intelligent quotient of an individual, where the intelligence has been assessed by different tests. People below the IQ level of 90 are found to have poor intelligence and with IQ level of 90 to 100 are considered average people. Popular personalities and celebrities with enhanced IQ level include the world renowned pop singer Madonna with IQ level of 140 and the Father of Microsoft, Bill Gates with IQ level of 160. Mr. King Ung Yung from South Korea holds the record of have the IQ level of 200.
This young girl Vishali has broken the earlier records and rewarded with the highest IQ level. Her father is an electrician and her mother is a home maker. She belongs to a simple family yet found to be quite brilliant with exceptional memory power. She is able to read a book consisting 100 pages in less than 2 hours and is able to answer question asked from any content of the book. To cope up with her super speed brain her mother is feeding her with exclusive books of engineering students, MBAs, etc. She has recently cleared the MCP examination conducted by the Microsoft with 87% of marks. Further, several other entrance tests conducted for MBA and MCA graduates like CCNA, CAT, etc are undertaken by the young chap Vishali and she has cleared these exams with not less than 95% of marks. She has written numerous national and international examinations and is capable enough to get enrolled in a superior designation in a reputed organisation. Unfortunately, she needs to complete her 8th Standard to enroll into engineering. Irrespective of all these facts, the pride of India has not received any proper recognition. Further, the bitter truth is, the fact is not known to major population. Before a year, a 12 years old boy from Pakistan was rewarded as Pride of Pakistan for passing in 12 difficult examination conducted in their country. Vishali is just 10 years old with greatest IQ level and have passed a number of examinations. Her achievements are not noticed and no one is there is to praise her. However, this poor girl seems not to bother about these aspects and her dream is to become a great scientist. This is one of the serious issues to be considered and recognized by the Government of India to make our country flourish some good aspects. Will she become the Pride of India and receive enough recognition??? Keeping the fingers crossed.

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