Think different-ly (തിങ്ക് ഡിഫറന്‍റ്- ലി)

Great people talk about ideas; Average people talk about things; Small people talk about other people.

Touching stories

In this video an old man is sitting with his young son. There is a sparrow chirping. The old man asks his son ‘WHAT IS THAT? ‘The son answers… ‘Its a Sparrow’. Afer a minute, the old man again asks the same question ‘WHAT IS THAT? ‘The son gets little irritated, but answers ‘I told you its a Sparrow’. Again after a minute the old man repeats the question ‘WHAT IS THAT? ‘ Now the son gets angry and yells at the father ‘HOW MANY TIMES I HAVE TO REPEAT THE SAME THING TO YOU? I AM FED UP!!’
The old man gets up, goes into the house and brings back a dairy. Opens a page and asks his son to read it. The son reads the narration in the page which says, ” Today I went to the park with my 3 year old son. He asked me ‘WHAT IS THAT? ‘ about a sparrow sitting nearby 21 times. I answered ‘ITS A SPARROW’ all the times… patiently. I also gave him a hug every time I answered him. I felt good to spend time with him” Please watch [link]

Meals Ready - Short Film - Malayalam - Nithuna Dinesh.


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