Think different-ly (തിങ്ക് ഡിഫറന്‍റ്- ലി)

Great people talk about ideas; Average people talk about things; Small people talk about other people.

Simple Innovation

Creative innovation

LASER SCISSORS Laser ScissorsCutting a straight line has never been easier. Just aim the pin-point laser and follow the line. The scissor blades are stainless steel and cut very clean with a micro serrated edge.

Now is the simple inventions that are necessary for the people instead of large complex inventions

"THE THING" - INFANT PILLOW The Zaky is an ergonomic infant pillow designed by a mom to mimic the size, weight, touch, and feel of her hand and forearm to help her baby with comfort, support, protection, and development. The Zaky can help calm your baby and help your baby sleep better through the night. [link]

Some of them even have certain traditions concerning tea drinking process. Yet, it doesn't mean that no innovations are needed in this domain.[link]

Quite a simple invention, isn't it? The design of this gadget can be considered as an advantage too. As a result I think that it would be really great in case the benches like these appeared in public places in the near future.[link]

Have you ever imagined that butter is in a stick? Actually, it is one of ten bizarre Japanese inventions. The brilliant creation keeps butter fresh, gives excellent serve, and eliminates the need for butter knives.[link]

Big Eye Needle is exactly loop-eye sewing needle except for the new metal added. When applying a little pressure, the small hole will expand larger to pull the thread through.

It is a common sense that houses in city do not always offer people with beautiful gardens or large balconies. Hence, on that case, GreenBo still provides you with railing of flower pots on the balcony. With two separate areas for planting, flower pot can saddle on the balcony railing as well.

Some people may find inconvenient with limited USB ports on laptops & desktop PC’s. To solve the problem, designer Jiang Gonglue has come up with a very simple invention: Infinite USB Port. This invention adds multiple USB junctions to USB Slots

Two Way Toothpaste tube is absolutely an utter genius invention. Caps are put in both sides of a toothpaste tube; hence, you do not need to stress hands when squeezing out the last precious bits of toothpaste.

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